Airline Operations Manager

Airline operations environment is extremely dynamic in nature requiring a number of critical decisions to be taken to ensure Safety, Compliance, Schedule integrity, Operational Efficiency and Optimization. Depending upon the Fleet size, Level of Network and operational complexity of the airline, each operational decision may vary at strategic and tactical level to meet the organizational requirements.
Every airline has certain level of systems and automations in place for all the critical systems to manage following functions.

Qualified, Trained, Skilled and Experienced professionals from airlines operates these systems to generate and compute operational critical data through individual systems and use organizational processes and procedures to interpret and initiate necessary actions. The level of accuracy and judiciousness of final action may vary depending upon competency level of individual professional.

Airline ops manager, a unique digital innovative platform with the capability of integration of operationally critical datapoint in such a manner that it can truly create a digital ecosystem deriving optimized output and assist the management with decision intelligence which can be used by the trained and skilled airline professional in the best interest of the organization.

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Aeronautical Data


Aviation Weather

Airline operation manager

Flight Dispatch

Aircraft performance management.

Aircraft Performance

Aircraft Performance Manger


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Dashboard & Report

Unique Benefits

Unique & innovative
Integration platform for series of system
Safety & Compliance Adherence
Process Automation
Operational Efficiency
Operational / Cost Optimization
Strategic & Tactical Planning
Notification / Alert Management
Flight Planning Support
Customizable UI layer to support dynamic ops
Digitalized data & RDBM
Multilayered GIS Data & Customization
Data Analysis, Predictive Analytics, AI & ML
Dashboard & Reports
Digital Intelligence & Decision Support

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