ATC Rostering & Training Management System

Aviation industry forecast indicates a steady growth trajectory and significant growth in Domestic as well as international traffic is expected to drive the industry for next decades. This entire situation will drive the Aviation Ecosystem on a rapid pace towards building infrastructure and resources across the country.
While Airline Operators will gradually amplify with the volume of aircraft purchase, Airport Operators are gearing up for building robust infrastructure, new airports are being developed within country to create enhanced connectivity, thus a high demand remains towards increase in trained and qualified human resource to support this Industry growth.
Such level of growth in Aviation Industry implies an increasingly demand for Trained Air Traffic Controller (ATCO) to manage airspace whether continental or oceanic. Air Traffic Controllers being highly Qualified, Trained, Skilled and Licensed under the regulatory provision they remain extremely important in playing a pivotal role to manage Air Traffic Management.

Air Traffic Controllers function remains heavily dependent upon the following factors

Air Navigation Services (ANSP) remain responsible to manage the entire segment of Air Traffic Controller (ATCO) ensuring seamless Air Traffic Management across the country. This calls for effective management of large database of ATCOs, ensuring compliance to all the controlling factors & conditions, maintain utmost Safety level, achieve improved efficiency and yet evaluate possible optimization opportunities.
This led to large data management, which needs to be handled for operational as well as compliance purposes. The explosion of data, and its co-relation remains too high to be handled using traditional database systems and thus most of it may remain underutilized.
Air Traffic Control (ATC) Roster preparation involves a series of challenges and limitations that may impact the efficiency of scheduling and overall operational effectiveness within air traffic control facilities unless managed through smart and intelligent automated solution.
Our system will capture inputs from different sources, master database, training details, rating details, duty positions, etc. and suggest duty roster in an optimized manner.
Available solutions at global platform often brings in the perspective of isolated and independent model solutions. Although those solutions are deep and self-sustainable however often they fall short of the optimized output of an integrated solution approach.

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