Tech Service

Often there are many off the shelves solutions available in the industry however in most of the cases it requires customization considering end user requirement. Company brings that edge where it envisages providing highly customized solutions considering various end users core requirements and pain points. This approach not only helps to address the operational functions proactively but also helps to capitalize on untapped potential and bring much higher level of optimization.

This creates the room for systematic data capture; structure it to prepare the main frame for data analytics keeping in mind the effective utilization. This also paves the path for bringing in next gen concept of Cognitive analysis.

Flight Planning System remains as one of the cores and highly important systems in airline industry. This ensures computation of Operational Flight Plan to determine the most optimized Flight Path and Fuel Planning considering Safety, Efficiency and Economics. Optimized Flight Planning System engine, it’s advanced features and operating procedure helps the Airline Flight Operations to derive the most optimized solutions.

While operating cost of the airline is highly dependent upon the cost of flying the machine, thus it becomes imperative to plan every flight in a most optimized manner keeping in mind the Safety and other associated parameters and then derive the most optimum Fuel Planning. This refined planning will also help to minimize other high value cost component like Fuel, Crew Cost, aircraft engine hours, APU cost, Navigation charges and also minimizing the engine stress by doing Reduced Thrust / Assumed Temp / Flex Take-Off.

Cognitive Navigation has engaged in Research & Development of a leading Flight Planning Systems providing the Maintenance, Support and Enhancement platform.

Our team is capable of providing a range of advisory and technical assistance services in flight operations facilitating airlines with trend analysis, assistance in implementing solutions to improve operations and also safety performance levels.


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