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Cognitive Navigation Pvt Ltd founded in 2020, aims to progress assertively to become a significant contributor in the arena of Technology driven solutions and Software applications for operations management in aviation. The Company intends to create a strong footprint in order to deliver a high quality yet cost-effective solution for an increasing network of customers across the region.

The Company has a team of IT and Aviation experts with intense expertise to offer smart Software applications to the various aviation stakeholders covering Airlines, General Aviation, Aviation Support Service Providers, Aviation Professionals, Authorities of Airports and Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP).

At the conceptual stage, the company conceived the perspective of prevalent challenges in the aviation operational environment and decided to create a framework to deliver the solutions.

While we focus to the Aviation industry core operational environment, the following factors appear as striking reality which remains embedded within the industry system.

●  High conformity to regulatory compliance
●  High safety margin protecting human lives and flying machines
●  Shortage of trained, experienced human resource with advanced skill set
●  Constantly evolving technologies
●  Dynamic and time critical 24X7 operating envelope
●  Extremely cost sensitive environment

Combination of the above factors call for a highly process-driven environment requiring intelligent technology solutions through systematic data collection and analytics. Eventually, everything collectively can contribute to revenue generation either by decreasing fixed costs through optimization or by opening a new opportunity capitalizing untapped potentials.

A group of industry leaders with extensive industry experience have joined hands to form our team in order to make a difference in the industry by collaboratively adding value to the whole industry ecosystem.

We are committed to providing an excellent service and ensuring that we collaborate across the companies that share the same ethos.



By delivering a superlative experience to the customers worldwide through quality and cost-effective solutions, Cognitive Navigation strives to be a leading partner in the aviation.


Cognitive Navigation aims to ensure fulfilling expectations of the esteemed customers by providing them with impeccable products and services meeting specified timelines.


Cognitive Navigation shall make consistent effort in building excellent partnerships with all customers and partners by offering outstanding products and services with homogenous blending of Quality, Positive Commercial gradient and Professional ethics.

Company Infrastructure

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