Airport And ANSP

Product suites through strategic collaboration with partner company
Transform AIP data into digital format database
  • Aircraft operating limitations analysis
  • Determination of contingency procedures for use in the event of an emergency during take-off or missed approach
  • Instrument Flight Procedure Design
  • AIS to AIM (Aeronautical chart production and Aircraft on-board databases)


Obstacle limitation surfaces (OLS) means a series of surfaces that define the volume of airspace at and around an aerodrome to be kept free of obstacles in order to permit the intended aeroplane operations to be conducted safely and to prevent the aerodrome from becoming unusable by the growth of obstacles around the aerodrome.

Airport and ANSP Operations

A digital data repository of all operationally critical data of airport that may be utilized for aircraft operations on ground, real-time status updates, strategic and tactical planning, and other purposes.

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