Case Study

AIXM & ARINC 424 powered Aeronautical Modules

AIXM and ARINC 424 powered Aeronautical Modules The Challenge Reliance on static PDF and HTML formats for aeronautical information pose significant challenge, particularly in the absence of digital aeronautical data. This limitation hampers the creation of AIXM & ARINC 424 powered Aeronautical Modules, affecting real-time updates and interactivity. Such static formats do not provide the […]

Aeronautical Maps – Enhanced Digitalization

Aeronautical Maps – enhanced digitalization The Challenge In the aviation domain, the reliance on aeronautical maps by operational stakeholders is indispensable for crafting efficient and secure flight routes. However, the exponential growth in aeronautical data has given rise to a significant challenge. Traditional static maps, while rich in information about airspace structure, navigation aids, terrain, […]

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